Zip Code For Nigeria – What You Need To Know – Clarification

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Zip code (Zone Improvement Plan) is sometimes confusing. This code only applies to the US and is the recognized code. Unlike Postal code that is paramount in countries like Nigeria and others US don’t seem to regard it.

NB: In US, this zip codes replaces postal codes as gotten in other nation but they work the same way with the same function which generally is for mailing.

I have researched about Zip codes and seen that there are lots of confusion about what zipcode for Nigeria is.

You may need to know that UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE designates different codes used in handling delivery for countries oversea including Nigeria.

Nigeria is assigned with 00176 as its code.

Mistakes Nigerians should avoid

+234 is always mistaken. Remember that it is just an international dialing code for Nigeria and has nothing to do with zipcode.

There are codes which you are expected to use whenever you are asked to enter a zipcode for Nigeria. This may include the following codes. [110001, 23401, 00176].

Now that you have known this, I expect that such mistake will not happen again especially where you are asked to enter a zip code for Nigeria.


UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE assigns codes to countries overseas

Nigeria zip code is not +234 (+234 is Nigeria international dialing code)

If you are asked to enter Nigeria zip codes use this (110001, 23401, 00176)

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