WordPress advantages over blogspot – Things to know before starting your blog

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WordPress advantages over blogspot; Is there such a difference for who want to start blogging? What are the possible Flexibility included on WordPress that makes it better platform.

On this post you will learn the pros and cons of WordPress and blogger.

I have gone through so many posts on the internet regarding this topic but yet to discern a genuine comparison and for that reason I choose the topic to make it more clearer for beginners who are lost in the confusion of making the best choice. I see people say things like:

  • WordPress rank faster than Blogger: This is not true but only when you don’t know your onion
  • WordPress loads faster than Blogger: This isn’t true because blogger doesn’t utilize much plugins like WordPress.
  • Is more secured and even has beautiful themes and features over blogger: Not true because you can get same kind of design on blogger if you know the basics of web design.

Now what is the actual thing that makes WordPress play better than blogger platform? Which should you go for and why.

Personal Property:

Having a total control of your blog has the biggest part to play when making your choice. For instance, we all know that free things has limitations and for blogger which is owned by Google is a free platform and Google is always known with crazy behavior which they may not mind shutting it down just like they did to other services they have withdrawn.

Because of this you can’t be be sure of owning your content as Google may shut down the service any moment without considering your own lost.

Now there is always a way out and the way is to use money and buy the service you need as long as you need it. Luckily enough, WordPress gives you this opportunity to own and manage your own site. On WordPress platform, you are entitled to hosting your site on your own for how long you will like it to be online. You have access to your data and no one can mess with it.

Limited Tasks:

We are in a world where there are so much technological improvement on daily basis. This is well achieved when folks work together to making the world a better place. Based on this, the Blogger which is a personal acquaintance of google is limited on this angle as it is a service rendered by one company and may not fully give you the chance to contribute to the development as they are always satisfied with what they have and don’t care how you may want it. For this developers are really scanty on this platform.

WordPress on the other hand is an open source software, which means you can tweak it to fit your taste. Developers are welcomed on this platform making the development more competitive with each coming up with better designs and features thus helping in the improvement of user experience. In WordPress you can use plugins to virtually add any kind of feature you want.

The above are just the two notable WordPress advantages over blogspot. Aside that you may just want to use a paid service as I already said earlier that free things are not always the best except its from God.

The best advise for a serious person that want to take blogging as a business is to Choose WordPress. You don’t need to become a millionaire before you try WordPress.

I believe this answered the question WordPress advantages over blogspot. For more explanation comment below better still use our 24/7 Facebook live chat to connect with us . You are always welcomed.

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