Why You Should Not Start Recharge Card Printing Business

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Recharge card printing business is no longer lucrative business and you should not waste your money buying the facilities that are used in printing recharge card.

Top reasons why recharge card business is no longer working in Nigeria.

Recharge card printing business shouldn’t be your next business plan for the reasons below:-

1. Prices of recharge card: This recharge card printing business is no longer lucrative because the prices at which you buy in bulk is not fair enough as to how much you make after selling.

2. Unceasing output of Mobile application: This business has suffered so much as many mobile apps have been created with a feature that allows you to recharge your mobile phone within your home.

3. Banks venture into the business: It’s really a competitive market and bank is now involved with the business through their online banking app.

4. Network providers introduction of new apps: Many Network providers like MTN has worsened the case as they have created an app which you can use to recharge directly from a pin or from your linked bank account.

Considering quitting the business for other profitable ventures? Do you know there are other businesses you can start today no matter where you are? If you are interested in new business ideas drop your comment below and you will be guided as soon as possible.


  1. Very clear and direct to the point. Unlike what is said on financialwatchngr .com Ogbongeblog. com said something about how you can start a recharge card business in Nigeria but I think i go with your own advice. Do you know any business I can start with something like $100 ?

  2. I will really appreciate if I can be shown another venture of business as recharge card printing is what I have in mind

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