WhatsApp can be installed on two phones using this quick tip

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WhatsApp can be installed on two phones thus giving you the ability to message on the same account from different mobile Phone.

As technology is fast at its growth smartphone is taking place wholly with its ever increasing possibilities. Today you can virtually achieve anything that PC does using your smartphone. For instance, WhatsApp can be installed on two phones and still be able to chat differently from each phones. Below is a quick guide on how to achieve this possibility.

How to install WhatsApp accounts on two phones

  • Install the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • Open the browser on the other phone you want to connect for use.
  • Visit web.whatsapp.com on it
  • Go through the browser settings and select “ Desktop Site Mode. (This is easier if you are using chrome browser.)
  • Activate the desktop mode making sure a QR code appear.
  • Now with phone that the main WhatsApp is installed open Settings >> WhatsApp Web and see if a QR Code Scanner appears.
  • If it does appear, scan the QR code on the screen of the second phon with the camera of the first phone.
  • After scanning the account of the main phone bearing the WhatsApp installation the first phone will be activated for the second phone.

The above is how to install WhatsApp accounts on two phones.

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