Top keywords in Germany and search queries that you should know as a blogger

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Top keywords in Germany and search queries will help you to determine what people from Germany are searching on Google. This will help you to know what content you should bring up in your blog for those who would want to target Germany in their business.

Most times there are needs to do this especially at a time when digital marketing is becoming more popular. Below you will get a list of the top keywords in Germany, search queries that makes Germany top keywords search.

Top keywords in Germany and search queries that you should know as a blogger

wahlergebnisse 4,900 %
wahlergebnis 2017 3,500%
ergebnis der bundestagswahl 2017 1 , 900 %
hochrechnung bundestagswahl 1 , 650 %
hugh hefner 1 , 300 %
love island 1 , 050 %
katalonien 1 , 050 %
wm qualifikation 2017 650 %
amorelie kalender 500 %
frauke petry 400 %

NB: This is credited to Statista

The German keywords with high monthly searches and good ranks in Google haven’t any traffic.

Most times it’s not even about the search keywords that you optimize for but how valuable is the content you are providing. I do Google searches as a study and on the course of doing that I have met so many people worried about ranking high on Google.

The best advice is to forget about ranking and focus more on providing a rich content. People will find your content and Google on its own will favour you on a good percentage of time if you have quality contents on your blog.

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