The main reason you fail to make money online and how you can start making money today

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Hey! I speak to you from experience. Many people have wondered if making money online is really possible. This sounds Greek to them especially when they see the figure displayed by many online entrepreneur as their monthly earning. They will be like this is a scam but it is not. I am telling you the truth. Its not hard and you may even possess more potential to earn more than them. Below I will expose the main reason you have failed to make money online and how you can start making money online.

Please note that you don’t need any special skill to make money online in Nigeria. After going through this post I believe you will have a better understanding of how to make money online through blogging or other means.

The main reason you fail to make money online and how you can start making money online

#1. You created a website for the sole purpose of making money online:

True? You have failed to make money online because you thought its just about owning a blog or website and then spreading lots of affiliate links on it and maybe with Google Adsense too.  Is that you? You need to change your ways.

Learn this from me today. Your website or blog needs to have a purpose which goes beyond making money. You need to create something that adds value to the user by offering good content, free services and incentives for the user to come and visit your web site again and again. If you do this consistently trust me you will make big money soon as you gain your visitors confidence.

#2. You Are Lazy:

I am always ready to tell you the truth no matter how bitter it may b. This might not apply to everyone anyway, but this is definitely true for most people. One thing I can for sure say is hardwork pays a great deal. You do not expect someone who spends sleepless nights trying to promote their business to end up with same results as the other person who snores all through the night.

It is important you scout for different strategies to improve your money making niche, this would improve your productivity and earnings in the long run if properly implemented.

#3. You are not patient enough:

They say that ‘patience is a virtue’ and when it comes to working online and expecting to make money from it, is more than true.

To help you understand how important it is to be patient, take into account the following examples:

  • It may take 3-4 months before you start getting any organic traffic from Google or Bing
  • It may take a few months until you build a decent number of Facebook and twitter followers
  • It may take months until you get your first RSS subscriber or comment in your blog

The bottom line is that you need to aim for long term success and forget about any short term temporary results.

#4. You are jack of all trade and master of none: 

This is a clear truth. Beginners always fall into the trap of wanting to do everything at once. I wonder if a new born baby can really skip crawling to running. It is indeed not possible. You have to learn from step one and focus on developing a particular stage you are which in this case may be your niche or product where obtainable.

#5. You lack the knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

In any business you need people who in turn becomes your customers. In online business yo need lots of traffic which in turn will converts to your audience as well as customers. To do this in online domain you need SEO skill. You need to understand how to target the exact keyword that will bring you customers. This is all found in the subject of SEO which I will discuss shortly below.

How you can make money online

Having gone through the above reasons why you fail to make money online I promised to share how you can make money online after that. Here it is. Read on and understand there is no quick way to make money online but if you follow my directives you will be 90 percent sure of combing lots of money from online domain.

#1 – Creating a website in a niche you are really passionate about.

This is it. You have to find a particular niche yo are passionate about and create a high quality web site with good content that offers value to your readers.

With time yo will get enough readers and from there yo will make cool money from Google Adsense just like I do.

#2 – Write a book or create an online course

Most people think this is hard but it is not. All you need is time and the right mindset. There is virtually no topic you want to write that has not been written before. I have written many books and its just like going through the ideas people have contributed on a particular topic then refining it and adding your own knowledge and experience to it. After you have written a book you can publish it and start selling on Amazon or on your own personal website.

#3 – Create a mobile application

Create a mobile application and upload it to Google Play, Apple Store, Windows Store and Amazon Appstore. You dont really need to possess any coding or programming skill to do this. All you have to do is message me to code an app for you. Before then you have to research on what value the app will provide first before yo jump into it. Remember I don’t create app for people free but I can do it at low cost for you.

The application can be either free and gain from advertising or paid. To make money from advertising you need to have many downloads (at least 200,000) and many active users.

To sell your application you need to have a good marketing plan. The competition is tough and without a marketing strategy it will be very difficult to make a decent amount of sales.

#4 – Sell your services online.

This is one of the best and most lucrative. You must be an expert on what yo do before you can make money though this. If you are good at what yo do then start immediately. Sites like and gives yo the opportunity to register with them and list your skill from where your potential buyers or employers will locate your craft. Remember I said yo must be good to attract buyers of your skill.

The above are just the tested and proven ways I have been using to make money online. If you are interested in owning a blog and have your startup capital set from anything above 20k I can guide yo more and set up a blog for you with just 20,000 naira for everything including your website design and optimization.


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