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Tablet is generally created with a purpose which may include the ability to engage one interactively. Tablets come bundled with attractive applications which have seen to its success in the market. Nearly every age is opened to the usage of tablets which popular among them are children. This may be as a result of their unique appearances and easy to understand functions.

Recently, there are misconceptions about the gadget that have rather scared people from its usage especially for kids.

Parents fear about this which may have been due to a poor  understanding and wrong generalization of television screen time which mainly is  (non-interactive and non-engaging). This post is mainly written to clear the air thus pointing the benefits of its usage for kids age as well as letting the parents know about their advantages and disadvantages.

 Advantages of Kids Tablets

The use of Ipads in preschool by children have been reported by Kindergarten teachers as a huge success which have seen to an improvement given to the differences in communication skills as shown by children who enter kindergarten.

Entertainment is another great advantage of the use of Tablets by kid.  There is this story of kids that have never seen or heard of policemen and even what constitute crime but being a user of Ipad they learn all about it and even live by it knowing that there is sanction for committing a cream and for that they learn to follow natural rules from early. These games which is designed to suit kids enhance the reading, time-telling, mathematics, art and memory skills of the children and in turn, improve their mental capabilities.

One may not know there is a positive impact about a child playing game. The use of tablets makes children more active physically as well as mentally and this can really be gotten when the game are correctly chosen to fit the age of the kid.

The Disadvantages of Tablets to kids

It is said that whatever has advantages may also at some point have disadvantages which Children tablet is not devoid of the fact. Children at this young age may be encounter nearsightedness as a result of the intense rays coming out of the tablet screens. It can damage the eyes  of children at this age.

Children within 3 to 8 years may really suffer from this and should be noted. Another downside of the use of tablets by children is that they can hinder the development of their communication skills.

Truly speaking, children that focus much on this tends to behave like cartoons thus may suffer a communication skills with their surroundings and may not  communicate enough with the people around them effectively.



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