The quickest way to open a blog and start making money – Its not luck but work

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[adace-ad id=”2552″] Blog is the latest and quickest way to make money online. It is by far the easiest and trusted method of online money making that you can try today. I have gone through the internet just like you looking for the best guides on how to invest online but regrettably, I saw no meaningful guide.

Today, I am going to share with you how I persevered until I found a way and now I can boast of catering for my immediate needs through my blogs. If you want to be that person that can take care of his/her immediate needs then you are good to run a blog. The truth is that the internet is a free space and no one can hinder you from making money online except you. Now lets get straight to the topic of how to open a blog and start making money online. This is about 20 minutes read and its because I plan to cover everything you will need to start.

How to open a blog and start making money online.

At  some point in time I have been faced with questions like:-

  1. How do I start my own blog
  2. What do I need to start a WordPress blog
  3. Can I make money with my blog

Its very simple and you can start your blog so easily without knowing one line of code. You can get started under 10 minutes and your blog will be live. Finally, you can make money with your blog if you have one and I am going to tell you how before the end of this post but I want to start with how you can open a blog and start making money online.

Things you need to start a blog

  • Laptop: In this blogging business you really need to get a laptop if you don’t have one yet. It requires laptop and I will tell you why shortly. The truth is that you can not take actual control of your site on your mobile phone even though you may have some blogspot and WordPress mobile apps they are only good for writing and posting contents. Trust me you can get a laptop of 35,000 Naira and if you don’t know where to get it comment below and i will point you to the trusted shop you can request for it and it will be delivered to you.
  • Internet access: You need big data subscription preferably Glo network. I like glo sub because they don’t cheat. If glo gives you 10 megabyte you can count on it its complete unlike other networks but the choice is yours. The main thing is to have data reserved for this business because laptops sucks data.
  • Money: You need money to run a blog and I will tell you how. Understand that this is a type of business and in business you will always need a startup capital. Blogging doesn’t need too much money for you to start. I will explain more on where the money is needed below.

The above are the three most important equipments you need to o[en a blog and start making money online. Having gotten to this length now lets talk on how you can open your blog under 10 minutes.

How to open a blog without coding knowledge

To open a blog you need two things. 

Host and Domain name

  • Domain is the actual name you choose for your blog. For instance,, lailasblog .com,,, etc.
  • Host is the place where your blog contents will be stored. By this I mean all the post you make on your blog.

There are two types of host I want to discuss.

NB: The two notable platform I am sharing here is and

Free host and Paid host.

  • Free host just like the name sounds doesnt require you to pay any money once you have purchased your domain name. You can buy domain from  whogohost. I trust whogohost and you can purchase your domain through this link. is the popular free hosting you can try if that is the part you want to take but if you have money I advice you to use paid hosting and save yourself from too much stress involved in blogspot.
  • Paid host on the other hand is simply the one you purchase from a hosting company of your choice preferably namecheap hosting. This company is the one I am using and its affordable for both beginner bloggers and pro bloggers too. I like namecheap hosting company and their support team is superb.

Now you have purchased your host and domain the next thing is to launch your blog online. I will discuss this with focus on both and For you to start on blogger after buying your domain open a gmail account if you have not done that. If you have a gmail simply visit and you will be prompted to log in using your gmail. Enter your username and password you use for your gmail and you will be redirected to

Now contact your domain seller and tell them the actual gmail account where you want them to point the domain you bought from them. For me, I usually give them my password and username for them to connect the domain and after that then I will simply change my password because of security issues.

WordPress: WordPress for me is the easiest and best. Why do I say this? Its built with facilities that will shorten this long processes with simple clicks on installation button. Once you buy your domain and also pay for a hosting package from namecheap the rest is all about clicking install. All you need to do is loggin to your hosting cpanel and install wordpress.

Before then make sure you have given your hosting company your domain name server and they will point it to your hosting and then all you need is start installing WordPress and required plugins you may need. You can ask me the plugins I use on my site in the comment box. Now lets assume you have opened your blog and now its tile to start making money online with your blog.

How to start making money online with your blog

[adace-ad id=”4326″]If you have successfully opened your blog now its time to start making money following below method.

  • Choose a niche and start posting: You have to choose a niche you can write on. Sometimes you may need to consider niches on Insurance, Tech, Health and other relevant ones that has good cpc. I will tell more on that on the next subheading. If you have made about 30 genuine post that you know its not copy and paste then move to the next step.
  • Apply for monitisation programs: For you to start making money with your new blog you will have to apply for monitisation programs like google adsense or affiliate programs but I advise you to start with google network wwhich is Adsense.

Monitising your blog with Adsense all you need to know

Google adsense is an online content monitisation where you are allowed to display adverts inform of banner on your site and whenever those ads are clicked you make money from those clicks on your ads. Please note that adsense requires processes before your account can be approved. For you to open an adsense account and put it on your site read below.

How to open and approve google Adsense account faster

If you have followed all I said before now, especially the part I said you should make about 20 to 30 posts by yourself and not copying from other blogs then this task will be easy for you. But if you copied anything from any site online, just go and delete them and make fresh posts on any niche you choose before applying to Google Adsense. Now all you need to do for you to get quick approval is simple.

  • On your blog create About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy.
  • After creating those pages, make sure you populate it with the best information so google will understand what your blog is all about.
  • Ensure that your posts are about 300 words. 500 words is very good if you can.

If you have done the above then your account will be approved in 3 days. If it gets disapproved contact me so that I take a look at the possible reasons. Now lets assume it has been approved fully and you have put it on your site, the next is to start sending traffic to your blog and you will start making money immediately.

How to send traffic to your blog and start making money without delay

I advice you to use Facebook promotion to send traffic to your blog but before then read Adsense policy in order not to fall into their trap of banning your account because of invalid traffic.With experience, I advise you to send traffic to a post that has less ads so it will not cause bomb clicking. If you need more guide on how to open a blog and start making money online do let me know. I believe I have explained this to the best of my knowledge but remember there are tricks and hacks to make money quicker with Adsense which will be my next post on this topic of how to open a blog and start making money online.

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