Part Time Job – Side businesses you can use to compliment your full time Job

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Part time job can really help but there are also side businesses to complement your current job.

Edited on 14-Sep-18

Buying and selling isn’t just the only business one can do. By this, I mean that there are really side business you can combine with your present job either part time job until you find more reason of leaving your current job for it.

This is really the way most great entrepreneurs started and within time they moved fully to establish in that particular field they think were more successful for them.

Truly there are so many side business that you can really  combine with part time job or your current job and the good thing about it is that your employer will never even know that you are onto something else.

Below are great business idea aside buying and selling which will be suitable for a full time work.

  • Blogging: I choose to talk about blogging first because it has been more popular and its true that many even live by blogging. I f you are in Nigeria you must have heard about the popular Lindaikeji blog which her assets are products of her blog site. This can really fit in to your full time job because all it requires is nothing more than a computer.
  • Graphic Design: Being a graphic designer is a cool thing and something that can easily be combined with any kind of job. Learning to be a designer is  really important especially if you have love for arts.
  • Event Planner: Event planning isn’t something so difficult if you have love for party. you can really work it out and there are lots of articles on the internet that can really direct you on the best ways to start.
  • Website Designing: Web designing is one of the cool skills to acquire which you can easily be learning alongside your current job if you don’t know how to do it already. It can really fetch you cool money if you learn it well.
  • Video Editor: Video editing is not really easy but you can learn it and combine it with your job until you make a good name out of it. It can really pay you millions like it does to many video editors in Nigeria and you can even go into a full time career in it.
  • Social Media Expert: You can really get paid through this. Many companies are looking for people that can manage their social media handles and it can really fetch you cool money anyway.

Those are just some of the cool things you can combine with your full time job until you are comfortable to face it fully.

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