Phishing techniques used by attackers & their preventive measures

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Phishing Techniques Used by Attackers is ever the most important subject I will like to share to you today.

My name is Godswill Moses Ysg. I like treating hot topics with an expert view which is why I’m outstandingly one of the best when it comes to providing guides on staying safe ‘at least from my own little country Nigeria. I will say one thing which is always expect the best from me because I do make researches. Winks. Well I try as hard as possible to update my blog for my readers with the current information that will help keep them safe from the rigorous attempts hackers seek to penetrate their privacy. That is who I am.

Today, I want us to take a look on phishing techniques used by attackers in attacking their subject to help secure your account. I ripped this from a system engineer at Chelsea technologies by name TIFFANY TUCKER who shared this knowledge which is strictly the possible ways hackers penetrate their victims. According to the findings below are just the ways and the preventive measures I have learned.

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The Various phishing techniques used by attackers:

  • Hackers usually embeds a link in an email that redirects people to an unsecure website. How this happens is that it requests sensitive information which if care is not taken they may get it from you out of your own mistake. The way to prevent yourself on this is always to make sure you look beyond the text on a link. the link maybe hidden under the text which you can easily see on hovering a mouse on it if you are on the desktop system.
  • Hackers can also install a Trojan via a malicious email attachment or ad. This will allows them to exploit loopholes and obtain sensitive information from their target which in this case may be you or your company. This can easily be prevented by deploying a SPAM filter that detects viruses. It’s worth buying an anti virus software.
  • Another way hackers can penetrate into your document or account is through Spoofing of the senders address in an email. They make this look reputable and thus will use the avenue to request sensitive information. A good way to tackle this is to make sure you Convert HTML email into text only email messages or disable HTML email messages.
  • The last technique on the list is trying to obtain information over the phone either by impersonating a known company vendor or IT department. You should be on alert whenever you get a call fro an unknown source. For companies, they may need an encryption for employees that are telecommuting.

NB: It’s not a bad idea if you share this phishing techniques used by attackers to your friends.

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