Law guiding Divorce in America – States may vary

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Divorce is just the process which is followed legally by a judge or other authority to end a union of man and woman. This practice restores their status to being single and can even certify them to be able to marry other individuals.

In America, individual states has their own law that govern divorce. Divorce proceedings according to the law may include spousal support, child support and sometimes child custody. It also may include distribution of property and division of debt.

There are laws of divorce that requires  an individual to show a reason for the dissolution of the marriage by assigning fault to one of the parties (like adultery, sterility, abandonment, insanity, or imprisonment).

However, following some adjustment, every state now allows for “no fault” divorces (usually on the basis of “irreconcilable differences”). In some states divorce are not granted but the individuals are allowed separation for a certain period of time. This comes prior to the divorce with some states giving a therapy.

It is for this reason that there came a category of relationship that is called “separation

Most times the terms of divorce are determined by court in which they sometimes allow the parties to agree on their own terms then bring it forward for the courts final approval. At this time, if the couple agrees on their conditions and terms before filing it is regarded as “Uncontested divorce”.

On the cases where children are involved, the States require that the children are kept on the custody of parent or guardian where the children are adequately provided for.

Once a couple is divorced and all the conditions are met, any party can go ahead to remarry to whomever he or she want to.

NOTE: This is a part of the laws governing divorce in USA and you may need to read more on this here

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