IP Address – Difference Between Static Ip Address  And Dynamic Address

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IP address is a subject that many may want to know. In this article, I will try as much as possible to share the difference between the two types of IP address as stated above.

Internet Protocol as it is fully called is provided to the internet users when they sign up with an internet service. Most times during the signing up, you are either automatically assigned to dynamic IP or Static IP address. This though is dependent on the nature of your account.

Basics of IP address

IPv4 is the most common version and it consists of numbers separated by dot. In this format.(Something like this

Static IP Address

If your IP is static, you will always be connected to it whenever you are at home but it changes if your location differs.

Static IP address has these advantages

It is good for dedicated services such as FTP, VPN and sometimes mail.

Most times it works effectively for creating or hosting computer servers.

For people that may like their location to be known, it is just the best that can avail one the possibilities.

Difficulty in changing Static IP address

One may want to change this IP but it is usually hard or nearly impossible. Although this may pose a serious issue for people that wouldn’t want to retain it there may be a way to solve it.

To change the IP address at home when the need comes, one may only have the ability to MASK the IP using Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Dynamic IP Address

Dynamic as it sounds may not really mean it changes frequently. The fact is that it nearly talks against the actual word but truly the change may be occurring approximately on monthly bases.

Dynamic IP address is always the best among many and it doesn’t even cost any penny unlike the static type.

The Advantages of Using IP address

You will have little work on your end

It will definitely cost you nothing

Most times you will find out that it will be very hard for accurate geolocation which may be useful to some users.

Downside of Dynamic IP

Downloading of files is faster on static IP address unlike dynamic IP that may need more time to achieve the possible connections.

Finally, If you want to know your current IP address simply go to your browser and type (whatismyipaddress)


Google search

Whatismyipaddress. com

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