Invalid Traffic – Adsense Deduction On Your Earning Explained

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Adsense deduction because of invalid traffic is one of the challenges that many publishers are facing. It’s very rare that you as a publisher can easily escape this deduction at every month end but what can you do to reduce this invalid traffic.

On this post you are going to learn from my own experience and believe me if you follow it you may just reduce the rate your traffic is considered invalid. Google adsense is very strict on this invalid activities and it is very important that you find way and solve it before it escalates to the point of no coming back.

The Adsense team hasn’t been open to letting people know how they consider traffic invalid and this is because they are always conscious of things they reveal to the publishers in order to keep their ad network safe.

If you look below on the screenshot you will see invalid traffic is really a big problem. A friend who shared this screenshot to me was so eager to learn how to stop such from reoccurring and after advising him he was able to reduce the deduction.

Invalid Traffic – AdSense for Content Explained

What May Cause Invalid Traffic – AdSense for Content And How It Can Be Solved

Invalid activity on your site may be caused by your site design and also your traffic source. There are some themes that doesn’t fit in for adsense monitisation and this kind of theme should be discontinued before it causes you trouble. When you look for a theme make sure you go for the ones that are optimised for adsense monetisation. In cases where there is a high level in invalid activity it is important that you report to Adsense team by filling out Invalid Clicks Contact Form.

A quick solution to solving invalid traffic is to place your ads where it is seen clearly in order to avoid invalid clicks. Invalid clicks is when somebody may have clicked on your ad accidentally. Google has tools to detect all this automatically and for that your earning from every click detected to be invalid will be removed and returned to the appropriate advertisers.

You have similar experience with invalid traffic? Share below and how you solved yours if you had another means of solving it.

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