If you have not benefited or made money from social media – read this secret

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Social media is really enriching people beyond imagination. Leads from different business sales on social media virtually outweighs every other platforms you can think of especially as for who is into Business.

Gone are the days when social media were only loved and used specifically for connecting with friends. This was true before but not now.

In fact If you have not benefited or made money from social media you need to read this secret to the end.

How it works.

Sad to tell you that social media like Facebook, Twitter and others don’t pay people directly but you make your money by using it as a means to the end which is leads.

For instance, you must have heard of online marketing, social media marketing and advertising. This is just the way money is made with social media.

Why did I choose to write about this? It’s because I want somebody to benefit from the social media giant like Facebook and Twitter just like am benefiting.

However, there are things you need to do for you to start making money from them. For instance, you need a blog.

Why do you need a blog? Like I said before, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms don’t pay you directly but it is what you do with them that pays you and one thing you can do to earn from them is to create your own blog today.

This takes us to the next question which is : Where and how do I create my own blog? What are the requirements?

For you to create a blog you just need to have two things on mind.

You will need a domain name of a higher extension and a host. Domain name simply means the name you choose to give your blog. For example CNN is a name with .com as it’s extension. There are free extension which are free domain names like the type you get from Blogger sites owned by Google. Example .blogspot.com.

For you to let people know you are serious about blogging then you should go with higher extension which is paid domain.

Host is what holds your blog posts or contents. There are free host and paid host.

Free host is the ones you just put your blog on free of charge while paid host requires that you pay the company that is going to host the blog for you.

I advise you go with free host and then migrate later when you have made money with your blog and become a big person.

Once you have finished with whatever choice you make just start posting articles. I advise you to stick to one niche.

Secrets you should know.

  1. Run away from copying people’s blog content.
  2. Make sure you write up to 600words in your articles.
  3. Then make sure you you receive as much as any traffic you can get.

Someone will say after creating blog what next. That’s a good question. After creating a blog you start sharing it on facebook, twitter, etc to attract traffic.

When you have a good number of people visiting your blog then trust me you will need to apply for Adsense and start making your money immediately from clicks you get from your visitors through social media.

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