How You Can Prevent PayPal Scams

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PayPal scam continues to increase making it difficult for ecommerce business to thrive well. Before now we discussed about the ways and modes these scammers use to operate. You can read about how PayPal scammers attack their victims.

How to prevent PayPal scams

The good news about PayPal scams is that there are several actionable steps merchants can take to prevent or avoid them. If you have not read my post on the ways PayPal scammers operate read here. Read the post in order to understand below guides to prevent it.

  • Before accepting a payment, look out for red flags. Requests to rush shipments, accept partial payments, or accept payments split up between multiple PayPal accounts are all strong indicators of fraudulent activity.
  • Items that have a high resale value or are in high demand are especially attractive to fraudsters. Before shipping out especially valuable items, double check shipping and billing addresses to make sure they match.
  • Even customers with valid credentials may commit “friendly fraud” out of ignorance or impatience. When shipping high-value items, insist on signature confirmation on delivery.
  • Sign up for PayPal’s Seller Protection Program, and PayPal will monitor your transactions for signs of fraud.
  • Block customers who file disputes or make fraud claims. Fraudsters will often target the same seller several times if no action is taken against them.

The above ideas are the ways you can use to prevent falling a victim to the activities of this PayPal Scammers. If you have other preventive measure that you think is important to be added here do let me know in the comment box and I will try my best to add it up.

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