How to win Jumia Treasure Hunt

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Jumia treasure hunt offers you the chance to hunt for jaw-dropping offers Every Friday . People are winning every time there is Jumia Treasure Hunt and this has sparked some interest in people looking for information that pertains to how they can win Jumia Treasure Hunt themselves. This post will cover all you need to win Jumia treasure hunt. Read on to learn more.

Below are the treasures you can  hunt for and win:

1.At 10:00 AM, an HP Notebook 15 originally priced at N81,460 will be hidden at N1,000. *Clue* Search Jumia’s men’s shoe category.

2. At 12 pm, an iPhone XS originally priced at N352, 590 will be hidden at N3,500. *Clue* Search Jumia’s small appliances category.

  1. At 2PM, a Haier Thermocool chest freezer originally priced at N75,600 will be hidden at N800. *Clue* Search Jumia’s women’s clothing category.
  2. At 4:00 PM, a 50 inch TV originally priced at N108,000 will be hidden at N1,100. *Clue* Search Jumia’s smartphones category.
  3. At 6:00 PM, 50 bags of 5kg rice originally priced at N3600 will be hidden at N100. *Clue* Search Jumia’s home & office category.


You would have to do the following:

  1. Follow all Jumia social media handles religiously and consistently.
  2. Do not miss the live video on facebook, twitter and Instagram by 12 pm.


  1. There is only one unit of the item you will be searching for at a particular time.
  2. The item will not be in its regular section eg if it is a phone it might be hidden in the shoe category.
  3. Once the item has been found you will have to order and make payment for it immediately. The fastest fingers win.

It is important to know that staffs of Jumia and people affiliated to them cannot participate in any of Jumia’s Treasure hunt as they are serious penalties against such actions.

Stay woke, be lucky, win big and feel happy with Jumia Treasure Hunt finale. IT JUST MIGHT BE YOU!!

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