How to whitelist email addresses and domains in Gmail

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Legitimate e-mails sometimes suffer from appearing on your inbox due to Gmail filters.

Most times you wait on a long day for important e-mail and you are not really sure why it has not been delivered to you even when the sender has confirmed the email sent. If you have been in this kind of situation then this post is for you. Your emails have been trapped and put into junk mail folder in your Gmail. You will learn how to whitelist this email addresses and domains in Gmail below.

Why is your emails put into the spam folder even when it’s from legitimate senders

Gmail filters is so strong in detecting spam messages thus automatically moves any emails suspected to be spam direct into your spam folder. This behavior isn’t 100% as it does make mistakes sometimes.

Now, how can you prevent this Gmail filters from trapping your mails and wrongly labeling and moving them to the junk mail folder.

You can achieve this in two ways. Either you add the email addresses of all the known contacts to your Google Contacts list or you create a manual whitelist in Gmail to ensure that email messages from those set senders are never ever marked as Spam.

How To whitelist email addresses and domains

  1. Click >>>Create a Filter<<
  2. Enter the email addresses, domain names or even actual names of people who you would like to whitelist. You can add multiple people by separating the entries with the bar “|”sign. For example: | | etc.
  3. After entering the emails and domain press next button and choose “Never Send it to Spam.”

The above is how to whitelist email addresses and domains in Gmail so whenever emails from those you input there arrive they will no longer be put in junk mail folder.

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