How to start the supply of Processed chicken to Fast Food, Restaurants and hotel

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Supplying Processed Chicken to Fast Foods, Restaurant and Hotel can yield you millions of Naira and I am going to show you how today. Please note that this contains all the ideas you may need to start the business including the facilities that will aid successful output from your the business.

Since border was shutdown there has been a 100% increasing demand for chicken by the country’s 200 million people. Making a good guess out of this you can see that Chicken supply is on high demand and prices are bound to spike up making way for business opportunity where investors can tap into a local production as there is a production deficit in the chicken market. What do I really mean here? Not only do you have the opportunity of supplying processed chicken to fast food and hotel with this business idea. You will also learn cold room business which integrates harmoniously with the business.

I mean as Nigerians consume about 1.2 billion birds (mainly chicken and turkey) every year, the supply of processed chicken to fast food, restaurant and hotel has become very necessary and is a business venture that can yield you millions of cool cash with no stress. You need to try it today. One good thing about this is that you can start by just constructing a mini processing plant with cold room. Cold room business is never a loss as we know there is much to it than just the name. Owning a cold room is important for your supply of Processed chicken to Fast Food, Restaurants and hotel.

In general, cold room business is all about food preservation like ice cream, ice block, yoghurt, among others. Also selling of frozen food items like, frozen poultry products and frozen fish are one of the things that will need a cold room. How much you need to start a cold room business is dependent on the size of your business.

How much is needed to install a cold room?cold room business

Owning a cold room is very costly but in Nigeria Igbo men always have a workaround. You don’t need millions to start a cold room. For the purpose of this post you are only retailing to fast food, restaurant and hotels.

Cold room entirely depends on power supply and in this regard the government as well as the Discos have not lived up to expectation. Hence what you need to do is to have a stand-by generator to provide constant power to your cold room. To be build your cold room you may need to contact an expert to get a more precise price. But if yo need a closer estimation of a locally constructed cold room its about 500,000 naira roughly.

After you have taken care of the two main things as mentioned above then you need to start looking for wholesale suppliers and farmers too. Buy livestock, butcher them yourself, if possible. One good thing is that once you start local farmers will begin to locate you in your store shop.

Another thing to try out is to be processing your product yourself.
Venture into livestock production, own poultry farm, slaughter the chickens at maturity, preserved them in your cold room, and start your supply to the restaurants and hotels when there is demand. By this practice, you will be making more profit than if you were buying them elsewhere or importing them.

Other things you need to have are:

  1. Weighing scale
  2. Tables and knives,
  3. Customers’ shopping bags etc.




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