How to Participate in Zoom Lifestyle Lottery by Mr P

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To participate in Zoom Lifestyle Lottery send MUSIC/DANCE via SMSto the short code 20010 or dial the USSD Code *20010# from any mobile network. Read below to understand more on how to play Zoom Lifestyle Lottery by Mr. P. You will also learn what zoom lifestyle is all about.

What is Zoom  Lifestyle Lottery

Zoom Lifestyle Lottery is an entertainment exercise in form of a game curated by Mr. P of Psquare to help empower Nigerians with a monthly draw of a cash prize of 2million naira. This is a legit game of luck. You keep playing and hoping you will one day win. It’s just what the name is which is lottery but in this case its through entertainment exercises.

How to Play Zoom Lifestyle Lottery

Zoom Lifestyle Lottery is simple to play and you can stand a chance to win 2million naira cash.

To play on Zoom Lifestyle lottery you have two choices:

  1. You either purchase a raffle ticket at Zoomlifestyle lottery website  or
  2. Send a keyword command in an SMS to 20010, for example, “sport” to 20010 Keywords are: MUSIC; DANCE; SPORTS; BUSINESS Dial a USSD short-code (*20010#) and select a category via the USSD menu.

Every customer has the chance to choose more than one category in other to increase his/her chances of winning by selecting a different service category. To play, you do not need to have your phone configured as long as you have a phone number. You can only subscribe to a category as a player on Zoom.

How You are paid your Zoom Lifestyle Lottery Prize

If you luckily win a zoom lifestyle, your currency will be paid to you in any denomination you choose. That means Nigerians who play in Nigeria will receive their winnings in Naira. An important thing to note is that you can only play Zoom Lifestyle Lottery in Nigeria. Zoom Lifestyle only costs N20 per day.

For more question or other choices of how to win money join our tophits group chat on this link.


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  1. I paid for tickets last week and since i log out i can’t find my tickets, please how do i see my tickets again

  2. I was charged #500 the last time when I bought ticket from my bank but #100 when I bought from my network(airtel).
    How come?

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