How to fix adding new category in WordPress not working

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Wordpress - adding post category requires page refresh to show up

How to fix adding new category in wordpress not working

WordPress – adding post category requires page refresh to show up.

You may have faced this problem before. As a wordpress user its a bit challenging to troubleshoot issues that has to do with syntax.

Here is a new issue many has looked for solution to no avail.

The problem: A user submitted issues seen below.

When adding a new category, (both in a regular post or custom post) the new category doesnt appear, I have to actually refresh the page in order for it to show up. If I am writing a new post that means I need to save / publish a post before I can refresh the page. This is a bit annoying as normally I am used to WordPress adding the new category and updating the page asynchronously so I can then choose the new category straight away.

The Solution on how to fix WordPress category issue

In order to fix this issue on your wordpress Read below steps.

  1. Go straight into your wordrpess function file normally called function.php
  2. Copy all the codes and place in code editor
  3. Remove all the spaces in the codes
  4. Thats all and your problem is solved.

Source: Stackoverflow

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