How to create email list for marketing – Step by step guide

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Create email list for marketing purposes following below step by step guide.

There are so many reasons you may be needing an email list especially for marketing if you really want a quick success in your sales.

Why Do You even Need To Create Email List For Marketing?

You may be new to online marketing but I can really tell that I see an intelligent and successful entrepreneur in you who is fully set to take your vision seriously with resources from the experts. I like to answer questions in a more detailed way and I will try as much as I can to guide you. By the way, I will say email list can really be a great way to get more leads from existing or prospective customers.

According to a US marketing executive in their survey, email alone drives the same amount of revenue as their social media, website and display ad efforts combined do.

What this means is that if you haven’t created an email list and you want to delve into an online marketing then I can categorically tell that you may loose much from this advantages more than you think social media could do.

Thus you shouldn’t be much dependent on social media to drive sales and below is the ultimate guide.

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Grow Your Organic Traffic – First Secret of Online Revenues

Steps to follow in order to create email list for marketing quickly.

1. Include E-mail list sign up form on your website: This is a great place to start. Append it to where people can easily get to see it once they stumble upon your site. This can be either in the menu bar where eyes can easily see it.

2. Buy people through bribe to subscribe to your email list: This sounds funny but yeah, it’s a marketing strategy. You have to offer people something that will give them the reason to subscribe. You can give them bonus airtime for people in Nigeria like this very much. Or you can give free coupon codes or even bonus contents in form of PDF or Ebooks which will attract many and from there you rip and convert their E-mail to potential customers.

3. Create an Email List Popup Form: Creating a pop-up email list form is a good technique although you are to have some understanding of how. For instance, no one feels comfortable when you use pop to distract the person reading your content. Avoid the use of a pop-up that will cover the entire page. Not only will this annoy your readers but it will make Google Search penalize you. Do it smartly by serving the type that will not block your whole site. This method has been proven to be more effective.

Conclusion: The above are just what you need aside that then you may want to use a software or WordPress based plugins that can help you create the signup form.  The best plugins so far when it comes to this is MailChimp. Mail Chimp will even help you in creating your welcome messages that you will use to welcome your subscribers once they signup.

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