How To Check If Your PVC Is Ready

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How to check if your PVC is ready is a guide that will show you exactly what you need to see if your PVC is ready.

Election is fast approaching and it is very important that you learn how to check if your PVC is ready. On this post I am going to guide you on everything you need to make sure your card is fully ready for the election coming up.

INEC has provided an online form where you can easily locate where exactly your ward is and also this will tell if your PVC is ready and tells your eligibility.

Processes to check if your PVC is ready

  • First, locate your pvc using an online form provided by INEC here
  • Enter the PU number which was  provided on your Temporary Voters Card (TVC) number in the “PU Number Search Form” on the link I indicated above and  Click “FIND MY PVC” and you will See your actual  Pick Up location for your PVC. 

You can also use a different way to achieve this as stated by INEC as seen below.


  • With your Polling Unit Description you can useyour TVC but in a situation where you dont have your TVC select State and LGA where you carried out the registration exercise. From the Link i provided earlier select your Ward.
  • I you don’t know about your ward but  If you don’t know your Ward by-pass it and click on the  checkbox. Enter any keyword associated with your Polling unit  then finally Click “FIND MY PVC” and your Pick Up location will appear immediately.

With the above, you will be able to find your PVC Location and that tells that your are eligible. I hope you found this helpful and you have been able to determine   If Your PVC Is Ready.



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