How To change “Tags” in wp-admin menu, page title, & posts editor

How To change tags in wp-admin menu, page title, & posts editor

In the wp-admin WordPress backend under the Posts menu there are default menus for Category and Tags. You can rename “Tags” to something else. I already showed you how to do it in the menu.

In todays tutorial you will learn how to change it where it displays as a title on the Tags page as well as in the right side widget area in the post editor?

Picture illustrates the areas in which the Tag label is displayed and needs to be adjusted.


To change this you can edit below codes to suite your choice


function change_tax_object_label() {
global $wp_taxonomies;
$labels = &$wp_taxonomies['post_tag']->labels;
$labels->name = __('Keywords', 'framework');
$labels->singular_name = __('Keywords', 'framework');
$labels->search_items = __('Search Keywords', 'framework');
$labels->all_items = __('Keywords', 'framework');
$labels->separate_items_with_commas = __('Separate Keywords with commas', 'framework');
$labels->choose_from_most_used = __('Choose from the most used Keywords', 'framework');
$labels->popular_items = __('Popular Keywords', 'framework');
$labels->edit_item = __('Edit Keyword Name', 'framework');
$labels->view_item = __('View Keyword Name', 'framework');
$labels->update_item = __('Update Keyword Name', 'framework');
$labels->add_new_item = __('Add Your Keyword Name', 'framework');
$labels->new_item_name = __('Your New Keywords Name', 'framework');
add_action( 'init', 'change_tax_object_label' );

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