How to block a stolen phone and deny access even when sim card is changed

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My Mobile Phone stolen today – How do I block the thief from using it?

Stolen mobile phone Can be blocked using below guides.

You can Block a stolen Mobile phone Using IMEI Number?

Sometimes you may have bad luck running into some miscreants that Rob off your phone from you and what do you do in the face of armed robbers who don’t consider how sweet your life is to you as it is to them.

What happens when you get robbed and it’s such an expensive smartphone that even holds some important documents or information that you will not like to be tampered with by any second party.

This tutorial is handy because it will guide you on how you can get this particular smartphone blocked and even when the user inserts another sim card it will not work. What a bad luck for the thief.

How do you achieve this? Read on.

Note: You can Block IMEI number from a particular network which will also block the number from other mobile networks as they use the shared service.

How to block a stolen phone and deny access even when sim card is changed

When your phone got stolen follow below steps:

1. In the case of loosing your phone first thing that should be done is getting to the nearest police station to report it especially when it’s armed robbers. Police are equipped with IMEI tracker that can easily get the location of the stolen phone. At some cases it works and sometimes it may not work for some countries like Nigeria where things that relates to this isn’t possible due to lack of facilities. At this point you may just have to proceed to the next step.

2. When the efforts of the police yields no results all you have to do is contact your mobile network provider. Every network provider has their customer care number on your phone and you can easily locate it on sim toolkit. Call them and tell them about it. For it to be blocked your customer care will need a proof of your compliant and may require some additional identities which they will ask on phone if you did not go to their physical office.

3. After you have provided the necessary information then be sure that your network operator will block your mobile using IMEI number and whatever sim put on the phone will not work.

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