How Longrich business works and how to register the best Plan

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This post is about Longrich company. Its a full researched work with lots of ideas borrowed from different people that are into the business. Longrich is the way forward for any individual that want to make legit income online or offline depending on your choice. It’s very possible to make a lot of money from Longrich. In fact people are making millions from it… Youth corpers, puff puff sellers etc.


While some people are making money from Longrich, others are complaining and saying it’s 419 but to clear you on that I am sure you know AMAZON and other big eCommerce site? If Longrich is truly scam they wouldn’t allow their products on their marketplace.

How do you call something a scam when you simply buy products to use or sell and get compensated to get others to do same. Is it really a scam?

Does it mean drop box, Uber, amazon, Ali express, click funnels etc are all scam companies. Because from what i know these companies are simply using the network marketing viral loop so their products can go viral world wide.

longrich owns over 2000 products such as pet food, daily used products, dietary supplements and health care appliances, furniture, beauty care, household equipment, cosmetics etc. This company has simply designed a business platform where they pay partners for distributing their products to people who need them.

So i don’t see why some people call that a scam or a pyramid scheme. A pyramid system simply recruit people and use part of your registration to pay the person who recruited you in the system.

Before we continue, I will like to seriously say that Longrich is not 419 or scam. Its so simple but you need to learn how it all works which I am about to simplify in this post. Now the question.

What is Longrich?

Longrich is a multinational company with a wide variety of products. They have now created an avenue for people like you and I to earn from their multi-billion dollar enterprise without spending a lot of money like other companies. By dealing on Longrich products, you can make a lot of money from your home. The power of the social media is all you need to advertise the products and expose them to prospective customers.

There are basically two ways to make money from Longrich:

1. Profit from product sales

2. Networking plan


Profit from product sales

As a member of longrich, you can make money from retailing their products. For example, if you register you will be given products that amount to the price of the plan you registered for.  You can decide to sell this product and make money or you use the product yourself and you will be making money assuming you keep purchasing more. Also if you are good with online marketing, you can take one of the products (let’s say the one that solves erectile dysfunction), promote it and make a lot of money.

Networking plan

You can also make a lot of money from the networking plan. All you need to be doing here is refer people to join the business and while doing that remember to give them your unique membership code given to you after you first registered with longrich. You can leverage on the use of the internet to get people to join your team.

How Does Longrich work?

Longrich has her own unique brands mostly in the personal care and health categories and the business model is simple! Switch the brands of products you and your family currently uses to Longrich’s high-quality and extensively researched brands, and your first purchase on any of the 5 entry levels would instantly make you a member with a unique membership code.

Going forward, you get to earn weekly commissions from a growing network of team members either referred by you directly or indirectly through the people you have referred.

Also, you may qualify for rank-based incentives funded from a percentage of the company’s profit annually including all expense paid vacations, car/SUV funds, scholarships to study abroad, house funds, and zero interest loans.

As long as everyone keeps on purchasing the products for their daily use and work together to recruit more and more loyal members into the team, then everyone will continue to earn for life! It’s that simple and straightforward!

Lastly, in multi-level marketing, people are tempted to focus on selling the products for a profit (the easy way out as opposed to growing a team)… I don’t recommend that. What if customers relocate, or someday decide to buy from someone else? How about all the people they end up referring directly or indirectly? You’ll be losing a whole lot of money!

So, you should focus on recruiting people into your team such that every single time they make a purchase with their unique membership code anywhere in the world, or refer people to do same, it’s tracked to you!

However, if they insist they want to buy just a few products, then you sell to them at the company’s recommended retail price thereby making a decent profit on the sale.

You may connect with ysg-team here to get you started on the right track. My team and I will make it more easier for yo to understand and record more success through this business.

Question and Answers that you will need to understand how Longrich Business works

Who is Longrich?
It is an international company with diverse interests originating from Asia (China). It has been in existence for over 33years and now 7years in Nigeria.

Do we have products in Longrich?
Yes we have almost 2000.
we have quality, affordable and effective supplements, skin care, toiletries, weight loss products etc

How do I join the business?
Send your details for registration to us here and pay the exact amount of your entry level into Longrich bank account.
Buy products of the entry level you have chosen – registration is free.

What do I get for introducing a new member?
You get PVs which are points that you accumulate and move ranks within the business and you also receive different bonuses on the same pv.

Do I have to sell to get paid?
Selling is not compulsory, You can use the products with your family or sell them if you want and get your money back. You can buy again and upgrade your entry level to VIP stage.

What do I do after paying for my stock?
Recruit 3 members and teach them to do the same.

What if I recruit more than 3 members?
You will register only 3 people under you and remaining people you decide where to place them under your downliners(This will be explained more to you if you join ysg-team).

You also get (point value)PVs when your downliners joins under you. What they get you also get it. Your entry level determines % of earnings you get from activities under you.

When does Longrich pay
Three weeks after activity and is paid every Thursday.

What do I get apart from weekly bonuses
You will qualify for incentives through the points you have.

What are the incentives?
3 or more free international trips per year.
A brand new car yearly��
House Fund of #25M
Scholarship Incentive for degree program in China
Executive MBA in Regis University, Denver, Colorado


1. Longrich has wide and unique range of products. There is always a product for every member of the family irrespective of age or gender.

2. There is no compulsory monthly purchase in Longrich. You buy your products when you need it.

3. Longrich will never flush your hard earned points and force you to start all over.

4. Registration is free ( as the money you pay is for products which validates membership)

5. Maximum of 3 recruits as downlines.

6. No targets and No pressures (work and grow at your own pace).

7. Longrich manufactures her products. This means Longrich is in control too, unlike other NM companies in Nigeria that uses a third party manufacturer.

8. The Longrich business plan structure fosters teamwork.

9. Opportunity to be a shareholder! Irrespective of your qualifications, you can actually earn shares in global sales just by being a VIP member.

10. Legacy for the future. There are several millionaire rich kids in Longrich today.

11. Products Efficacy and testimonies. The number of testimonies we get from people using the products cannot be matched.

12. Longrich MLM is biggest in China: Some Network marketing companies can operate successfully in Nigeria with no record of existence in their country of origin. Longrich has its biggest market in its country of origin which is China.

13. Yearly incentives ( all expense paid International trips, car awards, degree and MBA scholarship abroad which is transferable).
The list goes on and on.


1. As a partner

2. As a shareholder

3. As an investor (Stockists)

ENTRY LEVELS (for Nigeria)

1. VIP – 1680PV (Purchase Value) N750,000 (earn 1% share of global sales from 188 countries where Longrich operates) + 12% weekly bonus!

2. PLATINUM – 720PV  N320,000 (earns 12% weekly bonus)

3. GOLD – 240PV N130,000 (earns 10% weekly bonus)

4. SILVER – 120PV N80,000 (earns 8% weekly bonus)

5. QSILVER – 60PV N40,000 (earns 8% weekly bonus)

6. Student pack – 4pv N9,800 (please note that this is not an entry level but, a promo package aimed at helping students join in order to make profit from the products and upgrade.


1. Simply pick any entry level you want to start with.

2. Fill the form given below.

3.  Then go through the price list and select what you want and quantities you want.

4. Show me the list of items you’ve selected first ( in a private chat).

5. I will guide your selection, total it and send back to you.

6. I will then forward the company’s account details to you so you make transfer directly to the company’s account.

7. Send me evidence of payment via private chat (screen shot or picture showing the transaction details will suffice) and your personal details per the registration requirements.

8.  I’ll register you & give you your own membership code which you’ll use to pick up your products from the stockist closest to you.


Applicant Full Name:



Phone no:


Date of birth:

Name of bank:

Acc holders name:

Acct no.:

Sponsorship: (I’ll fill this)

Placement: (I’ll fill this)


Please note that submitting your registrations requirements will be done on a private chat with me. Send an email on or WhatsApp message on 07056599144, let me guide you.e to start is NOW…..


  1. i want to register but dont have an adroid phone to use wasapp could you put me through on how to use my laptop please. You can use any mobile phone. simply dial *20010# and follow onscreen instructions

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