How do you earn a living in Lagos Nigeria

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Earning a living in Lagos Nigeria isn’t different from what you know. The truth is that for you to earn a living no matter where you are in Nigeria you need to be hardworking. Lagos is a good place that you can work and see the results of your labour.

Everything works in Lagos ranging from providing services that people want, buying and selling and everything else that generates income is allowed in Lagos.

All this boils down to what services people can get from you and then be rest assured that you will earn a living from it.

Below is a list of things you can do in Lagos Nigeria to earn a living

1. Finding solutions to existing problems: This is one quality of an entrepreneur the most important thing that every other things mentioned here revolves around. Wherever you are think about solving a problem. What is it that you can do to remedy a bad situation.

2. Start fashion and design: This is really enriching so many people in Nigeria not just Lagos. The truth is that this demands some skills in sewing but if you have money you can always employ people to work for you and then share the proceedings.

3. Barbing saloon: I personally dig up this after calculating how much I spend in a month keeping my shave and the results was incredible which show that when you multiply this by the number of people that shaves you will realize it’s really a lucrative business that you can use to earn a living in Lagos Nigeria.

3. Dry cleaning business: Laundry is quite lucrative in Nigeria and super lucrative in Lagos. If you know how to do this then you can use it to earn a living in Lagos Nigeria. Lagos is such a vast array of day to day and that takes people’s time thus they rely on dry cleaners to get their clothes in good condition.

4. Own a car wash business: Washing cars for people in Lagos is really a good business you can start. One good thing here is that you are not actually going to be the one doing the washing. You can employ people and pay them on some percentage according to the number of cars they wash on daily basis.

5. Nation wide delivery: You can start online business where you can easily showcase your products and when people demand for it then you deliver to them. It’s really a good business you can start. Some things are very cheap in Lagos and you can deliver to other parts of the nation.

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  1. I plan to open a barbing saloon soon because I shave almost every 3days. I working on the money so I can start soon. Thanks for the information.

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