How CashBox works

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How does CashBox works? CashBox is a digital savings platform that helps everyone “Make saving a habit”. Cashbox was founded as a fun way to encourage a healthy saving habit and help curb excessive spending all on a seamless and easy-to-use interface. This post therefore will attempt to explain how CashBox works. Read on to learn how it works and know if it is something that yo will want to try. There is no harm in trial and the processes are awesome from the easy to use interface.

How CashBox workHow CASHBOX works


Create a free profile in less than one minute with your fullname, email & phone number. You can either choose “Regular Saver” and save daily, weekly or monthly. Or “Locked Savings” which allows you lock your money and earn interest upfront (just like Treasury Bills). Users can save as low as N100 or as high as whatever limit user chooses to save.

Withdraw your money Periodically

We encourage customers to save their money as long as possible while earning high interest on it. However, our FREE withdrawal days are: Mar 1st, June 1st, Sept 1st and Dec 1st. But you can also withdraw anytime you want but at a 5% penalty charge of the amount you are withdrawing.

The above are just the way it works and in any way you are not sure about a certain thing with regards to the application do call or write them on the following address below.
Phone: +(234) 808 8888 110

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