Handball Rule – Penalty rules – All you need to know

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Handball rule in football game

According to rule of the game and in the FA’s rules it states that “A direct free kick [or penalty] is awarded…if a player handles the ball deliberately”.

A handball occurs if any player, other than the team’s goalkeeper within his own penalty area, deliberately handles the ball when in play. A ball can be handled with any part of the arm, from the tips of a player’s fingers right up to the shoulder.

Below is a post that explains what rules that may need to be adjusted.

According to telegraph.co.ca handball is awarded if a player touches the ball deliberately.

But when does a player actually mean to block the ball with their hand?

When does someone knowingly and deliberately move his hand or arm towards the ball? Unless he is Luis Suarez, the answer is very, very rarely indeed.

The excuse “his hand is in a natural position” is also used – but what does that even mean?! Who on earth knows what a natural position is when you’re sliding in at 100 miles an hour or jumping to head the ball. Was Daley Blind’s arm unnaturally positioned as John Terry struck at goal at Stamford Bridge on Sunday? Who knows?

A solution is hard to come by but it seems to me that a blanket every-instance-of-hand-touching-ball might be the best answer, with destination of the ball the deciding factor.

This isn’t without problems though – it may encourage attempts to deliberately flick the ball onto an outstretched arm and will almost certainly mean even more appeals.

It’s better than the mess we have at the moment, though.


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