Google’s Black Founders Fund 2023 Cohort: Empowering African Startups

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Google is making a remarkable difference in the African startup community with its Black Founders Fund, now in its third year.

This initiative provides grants and mentorship to early-stage businesses led by Black entrepreneurs in Africa. By doing so, Google aims to address the inequality faced by these entrepreneurs in accessing venture capital funding.

The recently announced 2023 cohort consists of 25 African startups, showcasing Google’s commitment to supporting diverse businesses.

In this blog post, we will delve into the details of the program and highlight some exceptional startups from the impressive lineup.

Reduced yet more diverse:

While the number of startups benefiting from the program decreased from 60 to 40, this year’s cohort represents a more diverse group of entrepreneurs. Remarkably, 72% of the selected startups are led or co-founded by women. Google’s dedication to promoting gender equity in entrepreneurship is evident in its consistent efforts to empower African women.

Dominance of Nigerian startups:

Although there was a reduction in the number of African startups, Nigerian startups continue to hold a strong presence with 10 representatives in the 2023 cohort. However, startups from Kenya and South Africa also have significant representation, with five and three startups, respectively. The list is completed by startups from Uganda, Ghana, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, and Rwanda, highlighting the vibrant tech ecosystem across the continent.

Investing in key sectors:

Google’s Black Founders Fund provides financial support, ranging from $50,000 to $100,000, to startups in various sectors. While the program supports startups in food, construction, and legal services, the majority of beneficiaries come from fintech, logistics, and healthcare sectors. By empowering these sectors, Google aims to help startups expand into new markets and create job opportunities across Africa.

Support and resources:

Selected startups receive non-dilutive cash awards of up to $150,000, up to $200,000 in Google Cloud credits, mentoring from industry experts, and access to Google’s extensive network. With these resources, startups can leverage Google’s expertise to overcome challenges and accelerate their growth.

Spotlight on notable startups:

Let’s take a closer look at a few exceptional startups that have made it into the Google Black Founders Fund 2023 cohort:

1. Akoma Health (Nigeria):

Akoma Health is a technology platform that aims to provide accessible and culturally conscious mental health services throughout Africa. By utilizing technology, this startup addresses the critical mental health challenges faced by individuals on the continent.

2. EzyAgric (Uganda):

EzyAgric uses AI-powered mobile technology to enhance Africa’s farming sector. By providing farmers with valuable data and insights, this startup empowers agricultural practices and contributes to increased productivity and sustainability.

3. Herconomy (Nigeria):

Herconomy is a fintech startup focused on empowering women entrepreneurs and professionals. It aspires to become Africa’s first women’s bank, catering to the unique financial needs of women and promoting financial inclusion and gender equality.

4. MDaaS Global (Nigeria):

MDaaS Global operates technology-powered diagnostic centers that provide affordable healthcare solutions. By leveraging technology and innovation, this startup aims to improve access to quality healthcare for underserved communities.


Google’s Black Founders Fund 2023 cohort represents a significant step forward in promoting diversity and inclusivity in the African startup ecosystem. By supporting Black-led businesses and empowering women entrepreneurs, Google is actively working to address the inequality faced in accessing venture capital funding. The remarkable lineup of startups across various sectors showcases the immense potential of the African tech scene. Through financial support, mentorship, and network connections, Google is driving positive change and fostering innovation on the continent.


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