Fraud Prevention Tip – A Quick Guide To stay Ahead of Phishing Activities On Your Account

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Fraud Prevention Tip on how to stay ahead of phishing activities on your bank account.

Staying ahead of phishing activities on your account should be of an utmost importance to you. Recently, many have been defrauded just as a result of their ignorance on how hackers penetrate their account.

Access Bank PLC shared this Fraud Prevention Tip on how hackers break into your accounts. I found it interesting and of course it’s important and deserves giving a good read by my loyal readers.

Below is a full guide according to Access Bank PLC

  • Look out for callers claiming to be employees or Representatives of Access Bank or the CBN.
  • Don’t reveal the OTP (One Time Password) sent to your phone to anyone.
  • Do not disclose any information relating to your account without verifying that it is from the bank.

NB: To verify such requests, call or simply visit your bank.

To Further throw more light on Fraud Prevention Tip, I provided a comprehensive ways through which attackers use phishing to get your information which every serious minded individual would like to read. What you have read on here is channeled to Access Bank go to guide on phishing and doesn’t really tell how this hackers go about hacking their subject. I explained every possible ways hackers can do this detailing it with all you need to be able to beat the ever growing internet scam that is taking place recently. We are in the world where technology is fast at its pace and hackers are consistently finding ways to trap their subjects.

This guide am talking about is very important and should be able to prevent subsequent attack targeted to your account. It’s not a bad idea if you share to your friends.

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