Featured snippet in search – How You Can Make it on Google’s featured snippet

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Featured snippets in search is one way results show up on keyword searches when a user inputs a query.

Google has a way that they use to show results if a user enters a question on their search box. Same goes to other search engines but on this post the focus is on Google.

Featured snippet in search is one of the things that Google says you can not achieve because it flows naturally as they explained that its “extracted programmatically from what a visitor sees on your web page“. Mark that word “programmatically”.

It means you cannot pay anyone to do it for you but it flows naturally. If your contents answer questions a user wants then you may likely succeed in getting your contents featured automatically like you see in one of our post on below screenshot.

The secret to making your business or website contents appear as a featured snippet in search.

In a more clear and concise way it’s all about providing your site with lots of information that will solve or answer a user’s question. If you have rich content then Know that when a

user asks a question in Google Search your site may have that chance to appear on Google as the most appropriate answer to what the user is looking for.

Near Solution That You Can use to Make your way up in front of search results as a featured snippet.

  1. Think like a user
  2. Start keyword researches
  3. Use long tail keywords
  4. Use SEO tools like SemRush to find your current keywords ranking
  5. Write more posts with the same keywords because that’s basically what users identify you with.

Thats basically all you can do and you may be featured. Please note that keywords that have Wikipedia indexed to it hardly gets you featured snippet. You can outrank others but very hard for you to do that when it’s Wikipedia page.

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