Dobbia pays good money with their affiliate program in few seconds after sign up

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Dobbia pays good money and makes your online marketing journey a dream come true. Do you have that flair for marketing? You can convince people to buy or get things they need through your services? It doesn’t matter which online platform you use in marketing but have you been successful acquiring potential customers?

Dobbia pays you $25 dollars instantly for every person that uses your link to make a purchase on their site and if you have before now achieved success with getting people through your referrals then dobbia can give you good money for doing that.

What is Dobbia and services they offer

Dobbia in a quick explanation is a customer-centric organization that focuses primarily on making it easier for prospective migrants to move overseas and to live out their dreams.

Their focus is to create a space where assistance can be provided through cutting edge technology while creating a working environment that is stimulating, rewarding and comfortable for their staff. Many countries like Nigeria benefit from it as the number of people that want to travel out is on increase. You can register here Free registration.

How does Dobbia work

To sign up and start making quick money online at ease click

Fill the form with your name, E-mail, Location and phone number and then enter your password just as seen on below screenshot.

After signing up with Dobbia it will take at least 10 working days to get your application reviewed by Dobbia affiliate team.

If your application is approved then copy your links and or place their banner where your visitors, customers, and friends will see it.

Once a sale is made through your link you will earn instant commission. Note that your commission comes on every qualifying sale made through your ads.

Payment Threshold for Dobbia affiliate

Dobbia payout once in every month. They can also do biweekly but only when you have had a closer relationship with them.

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