Cyclonis Password Manager Helps You Remember All Your Forgotten Password

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Cyclonis Password Manager manages and stores your passwords in one encrypted place.

Have you ever run into the trouble of trying to remember a password you set somewhere to no avail? Be it your Facebook account password, a mobile application or your banking id/password, etc cyclonic password can help you remember.

With this application you can organize and sync your passwords, IDs, payment information, and the rest of your valuable data, and store everything inside your personal encrypted vault cyclonis team says. Take advantage of cyclonis many useful features all for free!

How Cyclonis works

1. First you need to Download, the Cyclonis Password manager app that matches your OS. After downloading install and activate it.

NB: There is option for both Window and Mac as you see on below links. Download for Window Or Download for Mac

2. After installation, go ahead and Create your Cyclonis Password Manager account. Remember to use a very strong password that you can remember. This forms your master password from where your online life could be managed by only you.

3. The next thing to do after setting a memorable password is to choose the location you want to install your password.

There are two options which include:-

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  • The one you can use to access your data anywhere. Files can be stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, and/or Microsoft OneDrive the choice continues.
  • The second part is the one you can install on your local drive. Remember Cyclonis can not be able to sync your data to be called up in other devices online if you use local drive.

The above are just how it works and for any further details you can check Cyclonis page here. If you are the type that forgets your password always then do know that cyclonis will help you remember.

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