Current price of Garri in the market today 2020

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Cassava Flakes popularly called “Garri” is on the rise today. Garri is currently expensive in Nigeria with the price becoming too high for the poor masses. A Facebook friend had ridiculed the latest development lamenting that Garri is no more a food for the poor but for the rich.

Garri before now is always one food that has saved many where with just 50 naira one can be sure to soak a cupful of Garriand which will go a long way to sustain them through the day.

Mr Felix Onuh, a Garri dealer said that a bag of yellow Garri was sold between N9,500 and N10,000 as against the previous price of N8,000, while the white, which was previously sold for N7,000, now goes for N8,500.

Currently a painter of Garri normally sold at 400 naira is now 900 naira making it hardly affordable in the market.

Nduakor added that the yellow Garri, mostly consumed by people of the South East and Niger Delta area of Nigeria, was now sold at the cost of N900 as against the old price of N400.

Ikechi explained that a 4.5 litres bucket of the white garri goes for N500 and the white garri goes for between N400 and N450. “The price of garri was lesser between December 2018 and March 2019, though has increased greatly from April till now.

Are you in the market now? Do yo have a different price from the Current price of Garri in the market today 2020? Comment and tell us how much a painter of Garri is sold in your area.


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