Content Marketing Strategy for Startups – the best method

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Definition of Content Marketing Strategy: This is the whys and hows that is adopted on creating contents. How you go about or the processes you use to achieve this on the other hand is called content marketing. We have always heard the term content is king and this is very true with justifiable approaches.

Content Marketing Strategy remains the method that startups can use to find their ways in the business of marketing allowing them achieve a better conversions by way of connecting and educating their customers. Through content marketing strategy you can build trust and relationship by feeding your customers with the right information which will effect their final purchasing decision.

Success in content marketing strategy begins with creating meaningful, cohesive, engaging, and sustainable content that attracts the company’s target customers. Having known the meaning of the term of our discourse lets go deeper with the strategy you can take to achieve this.


Content Marketing Strategy for Startups – the best method

Hey!!! Learn this, everything that matters in life is built and in marketing you have to build your own strategy and that is the fact. See video below that punctuates on the idea of building before we go deep into content marketing strategies fully.

Thanks for watching and be rest assure that you will be equipped with useful methods on how content marketing can transform your business by the end of this post.

1. Learn by knowing your industry’s hot topics:

In every industry there are key players who must have prior experience of what worked and what may have failed to work. Knowing your industry and audience will help you leverage on their trial and error thus you will not fall into the wrong ways. You get to find them by searching topics that are trending. It is these topics that will point you at what these big players in the same industry are doing. Through the use of tools like you can find the content they have had that performs best.

The idea is to study those trending articles focusing on knowing their key points then write your own with more elaboration making it look better and richer than theirs. You can illustrate the idea better by using infographics, video tutorials, etc.

2. Guest post to authority sites:

Guest post is a great way to gather and build your audience. For intance when you guest post on a popular or authority blog having a lot of email subscribers and social following it will make you popular among the audience of that blog especially if your post is good enough. This forms a backlink to your site and backlink is explained as links to your site from other sites mentioning you as a reliable source for an actual information. Do remember that domain authority is a good consideration when choosing sites to guest post. There are many site that allows you to write for them. Lets assume your area of specialization is on digital marketing, you can go through google with keyword like “guest post for digital marketing”. The site that comes up first are always authority site and all you have to is check if actually the particular site allows guest posting.

3. Make good use of infographics:

Use infographics or any other visual means to help attract and convince your lazy audience who may not be willing to follow shared links. Infographic by way of definition are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.

4. Create and publish great content consistently:

This is one of the most important part of content marketing strategies for startups. Consistency is the spirit and its through this that you can convince your audience on why they should trust you. By consistently publishing one or two contents at least on weekly basis they will get to know that you know what you are doing and nothing wins the heart of people when they know you are a reliable source of what they are looking for.

5. Use social media to promote your content and gain more audience:

Every time a new content is made it may be possible that your readers are not aware until they visit next. Using social media marketing and content marketing will help to notify this set of readers coming from social media. By sharing your content to social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc you are informing your audience of a new content which will get them to take an action by visiting your site to look through the new content you prepared for them. Do remember to include image with insightful information as thumbnail. This will even make the audience who may have not known you before understand what your post is about thus will encourage them to take an action.

6. Write contents that are more specific to a particular niche:

I saw reasons on shanebarker including this niche topics. This will make you stand out as a digital marketing startup. Researching and writing niche topic will make you gain authority on the particular topic which will aid your quick growth as a startup. Research for long-tail keywords and concentrate on them. Writing on long-tail keywords will help you rank on those keywords which will help with traffic from those keywords and in turn contributes to your business growth.

Example of long-tail keywords you can try out are:

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  2. Digital marketing for startup company
  3. Digital marketing for startups pdf
  4. Digital marketing tips for startup
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  6. Digital marketing for eCommerce startup
  7. Digital marketing agency for startups

Conclusion: I worked very hard to provide this in-depth article on content marketing strategy for startups so that my readers will have a clearer understanding of what the topic of digital marketing is about. I hope this has helped someone and if you say yes pleas do share to your friends. Thanks

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