Cloud Security – All You Need To Know

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Cloud security has been a broad aspect of computing that needs a closer look for one who does not know what it is and why it is on high demand. I got to know about cloud computing when a friend of mine posed that question “What is cloud security” to me. I was so eager to learn what it is back then not knowing that I will one day write about it. Today I choose to explain it here as it pertains to a category on my blog if not exactly what my blog is all about. Now what is cloud security.

Cloud Security Explained holistically from Expert Perspective

Cloud security is giving extra protection that guards critical information from getting tampered with by hackers. This is simply a protection against theft and leakages that may occur in regards to cloud computing. Cloud security have been on high usage by leading industries and organizations who use cloud in a variety of different service models. This service models may include SaaS, LaaS and PaaS. It may also extend to deployment models when we talk about private, public, community and hybrid. This is of high usage as it beats the price of hiring an IT person to secure your data thus of a good demand for business and small organization.

There are two categories that are referred to when we talk about cloud computing which are security issues faced by cloud providers that may involve how organizations that provide software or infrastructure as a service via the cloud go about securing files.

The second categories therefore goes to the security issues faced by their customers who may include organizations that host and store data store their data on the cloud.

Most notable cloud security threats

Cloud computing threat that ranks high thus are of great concern for cloud users and customers may include data breach. This which is referred to as any kind of information not meant for public release. Such information may be personal health information, some financial and personally identifiable information. Another notable threat on high concern for customers include Insufficient identity, credential, and access management thus the hackers or bad actors as they are referred to masquerades themselves as legitimate users or operators,etc thus may release malicious software that appears to originate from a legitimate source. This then show the main reason why there is cloud security and the sole aim of the post is to make the explanation of cloud security easily understandable.

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