Clone Any Web Design Into A Custom WordPress Theme

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Looking for a way to Clone Any Web Design, rip or match it into a custom WordPress theme? Do you have an old site that you ever wanted but maybe its not a WordPress site and you want to get that same kind of design in your WordPress site? Then this guide is for you.

Overtime, there is always this kind of need that one would like to get an old design back or maybe even get a theme  that a company is using.

Below are ways you can achieve this:

  • Get a WordPress developer to code a custom theme for you: This option is the best if you can afford it. A developer will be there to listen and understand the whole thing you want for the theme and has the ability to treat it with expertise. All you need to do is visit and check for a theme developer with their affordable gig. You can get him/her to do the theme and only pay when you are satisfied with their work.
  • Use the service of : This is a site that is fully dedicated to cloning or matching web designs of any kind but based on WordPress. The site copies all the theme codes of the design you want simply by entering the url of the targeted site and clicking createtheme just as seen in the screenshot below.Clone Any Web Design
  • Create the Theme design by yourself to suit your taste: This is the hardest of all because you may require some kind of basic knowledge with HTML, JAVA, CSS and PHP. If you really believe you can do it then start learning those script languages I mentioned above.aside those then pay a freelancer on the recommended site above to do it for you.

The above are just the ways to go about cloning a web design into a WordPress site and editing it to suite your own taste.

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