CJink.info is in the list of scam sites – Beware

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I have done some online research and found out that the acclaimed writers forum may not be genuine. From the little info out there it has been suspected of scamming people.  Many have asked questions like

Is cjin.info a scam site?

CJink.info is in the list of scam sites

According to an answer given by quora.com on a related issue it says It’s unlike other scams in that they don’t ask you for money, but it is like other scams in that they have no actual jobs to offer, and instead use you to get money. This seems to be done in 2 ways:

  1. They send you through various sites and pages, all of which are loaded with advertisements, hoping you click some of them
  2. They ask for your personal information to register, the probable function of which is selling that data to advertisers who can then send you more directed spam.
A screenshot of links to cjink.info

Going further on a personal research I found out that this site has no much information and if you click on the about page it lands you back to the front-page. This is peculiar to scam sites that fails to provide actual information about the company and where it is located or even its physical office.

Before you go on with whatever invitation from them beware they may have some tools to track you and collect your personal data. I advise you overlook whatever advertisement they may claim to offer.  A friend of mine was told he could be making $6 everyday for just writing an article of 600 words for them.

You may need to go on with personal research to find out more but from the searches and entries of the name on google it has so many accusing fingers pointing back on them for scam related issues.

You can easily do this by entering below keyword searches on google:

Is cjin.info a scam site?

CJink.info is in the list of scam sites

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