Call Blocking – Stop unknown calls automatically on Android phones

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Call blocking isn’t hard especially if you are using Android phones.

While some Android phones do come with inbuilt call blocking feature, there are some that don’t come with this preinstalled feature.

Fortunately there is hope for this kind of phones that lacks call blocking ability.

The inception of Android phones has really eased off some tasks that are only obtainable in expensive phones thus bridging such a big gap in terms of financial capacity.

Android is open to the use of so many apps from different people submitted on app stores which give users the opportunity to utilize the works of great app developers.

How You Can Ban/Block unknown numbers

There are trusted Aps for call blocking.

For the best app for this go to play stay and search for “who called me block spam calls”.

Once you get the app install it and move straight to the settings and turn on the features that can serve you.

For instance, you can get

  1. Caller ID: This feature will help you in seeing who calls you before ever you pick the call.
  2. Block call/ sms : This feature is the main feature we want to cover in this post and you can easily do this by enabling auto-block feature.

For phones that comes with inbuilt call blocking feature you can do this by going through your phone settings then through call settings you choose block unknown calls.

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