Business startup in Dubai – legal facts and terms you may need

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Starting a business in Dubai like many other city is somehow a tedious task that one will always want a good guide.

It’s not really going to be hard for you because on this article we have taken off the supposed stress thus providing you all that you will need to start up a business in Dubai.

There are two types of business you can really do in Dubai. This can be classified into two categories.

Thus in Dubai you have Free Zones company.

Free Zone company – This falls under those businesses that are 100% owned by the person who set it up. By this we mean there is no restrictions set to your business. For instance you don’t need any agent to act as liaison to manage the venture.

Dubai Free Zones Benefits:
• 100% Ownership
• Can be formed by only one individual
• You can open bank account in Dubai
• 100% Secrecy maintained
• 0% Tax
• Less Renewal Charges
• Can be liquidated anytime
• You can do international business
• Can do multiple activities
• Can hold Properties
Offshore Company – this type of Dubai company registration refers to a business operating outside its boundaries. Example, a business in Switzerland opens up a similar enterprise in UAE.

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