Branding basics: A quick guide to get you started

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Obviously, branding is simply the things we do to uplift or define the nature or style of our business ranging from any unique means of identification given to our business  from start till it reaches the end product user who requests for the product over others. Branding can be the logo of your business, color, style, images, language and many others. What you identify a product with is a part of the products brand either through the logo, the name and more of this nature. Branding in another view is putting things together that work together in larger scale. Branding can make or destroy your business when it is not properly conceptualized.

Branding is very broad for a full discussion in one piece of article but we will concentrate on two strategy which is Basic Visual and Basic Communication.

Basic visual and basic communication strategy for branding.

How people see your business matters and that is what visual branding will help you do. It is good that you define how people see your business on their first encounter or what they know about you when they come on regular basis.

Basic Visual: The things you use to depict your business can go a long way to telling people all about what you do and how you do what you do. For instance, the use of images should depict what your story at a particular point in time is about. Like your company team should be branded either through the way they dress or the way they talk. How they appear at business hour to the color of clothes they put on has a great impact on your business. Basic Visual includes also the typography, iconography, product and environmental design all working hand in hand to define a unique identity to your brand.

Basic Communication Strategy: This tells how the text and images you use for your branding harmoniously tell your business story. It can be achieved in various ways including a website that has your products or services. The image and words should thoroughly explain the brand and communicate each processes involved within to a new customer and be able to retain recurring customers.

To explain more on this two strategy I have included a YouTube video that will help you understand the concepts involved. Do go through the video and drop your comment as we would like to hear from you what you think about this whole piece of information on branding.


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