Bimber theme is not worth the money – Read this review before wasting your money

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Bimber theme is not worth the money and the truth is better said. I review Bimber theme in a different way and until they work harder I can give them good score then.

Bimber theme is not good on mobile devices and no one is noticing it. I have gone through some review but bimber is hyped about being fast and that’s not really true. Bimber review all over the Internet isn’t saying the truth like it’s paid.

Bimber is very bad on opera mini mobile browser and the author has not done anything about it even when he knows but he feels too lazy to fix that problem and people still do good bimber review.

Bimber theme has been falsely rated high when it doesn’t possess anything special for such rating. Sorry to give this bad review but I feel it’s necessary I share this so that whoever is going for the theme will read and consider this before going ahead to purchase the theme.

Bimber theme isn’t fast enough for all it says.

I have personally done some analysis using great tools like pingdom, Google speed tool and Gmetrix to determine the speed of this theme but am not satisfied with it.

Responsiveness of bimber theme:

Bimber theme is poorly coded that it doesn’t display fine on some view points. Mobile users will notice it’s only sites that uses bimber theme that they see a page loads and immediately shrinks thus making to manually zoom in for you to see or read the content of the posts. This alone disqualifies the theme as the developers have been so lazy to tackle this lag.

Theme support is zero

I have never seen before a theme support that never gives it’s user closer attention. It takes centuries for you to get good support from the theme when you call on the developers. This frustrates and most time you end up managing what you used your money to buy. It’s very bad.

Bimber theme selects plugins

Bimber theme is selecting plugins that if you are a plugins lover you hardly implement all your go to plugins. I don’t want to call out plugins I have experimented with but I dropped bimber theme as it’s scary on opera mini mobile browser.

I encourage the developers to work more and fix all the troubles on it to attract my own positive bimber review.

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  1. yeah I noticed it’s not good on mobile view. It’s what is using and even myself If you check or it’s the same thing. All displaying bad on mobile especially on opera mini

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