Best Paying Cities for Lawyers

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Lawyers salary varies and this is dependent on the city where you are.

For lawyers salary in San Francisco will not be exact with somebody that works in Houston. Lawyers in USA salary is really something that depends on the particular city you are and this post will focus on the actual salary of Lawyers in below selected cities.

From research it shows that new jobs will open by 2026 and this is more opportunities given to attorney jobs which may witness an increase in nine percent growth.

According to lawyers will witness a great increment in the areas of financial and insurance firms, consulting firms and health care providers. Now lets focus more on the subject we are treating today.

By place of employment lawyers are paid differently following below chain of top paying industries.

NB: This breakdown is gotten from a post which you can always refer to in this link but read through here for a quick excerpt if you don’t want the full detailed post.

  • Air transportation  ($214,630),
  • industrial machinery manufacturing ($209,020),
  • beer, wine and distilled alcoholic beverage merchant wholesalers ($205,500), semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing ($196,380),
  • and cable and other subscription programming ($195,270).


Now we are through with lawyers salary by employment let us take a glance at Best Paying Cities for Lawyers

According to findings and from a current news site based in USA it’s reported that highest paid in this profession are the people that in San Jose, California and the rest down the line as i will list with their respective salaries.

  • San Jose, California happens to attract $197,320
  • San Rafael, California gets $192,220
  • Bridgeport, Connecticut is getting $185,560
  • San Francisco attracts $183,890
  • Houston gets $175,380

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