Auctioneer Law: Eligibility for Auctioneer and Associate Auctioneer License

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Auctioneer Law: License Requirement for the eligibility of auctioneer and associate auctioneer licence

 Auctioneer law as gotten from

NB: This article provides only the full specs of auctioneer and associate auctioneer licence eligibility.

This is ripped from a pdf document that covers the auctioneer law. We don’t in any way own this document and for individuals that would want to know more about the full specs of the whole law then you may need to visit here.

We only covered the range within the auctioneer and associate auctioneer sections as provided on the page here.

Use below information with caution and always try to inform us on any violation of individual policy. We will immediately adhere to that and get it treated as soon as possible.

License requirement: This is a subsection on the above mention page that tells the requirement for a licence grant and it reads below:

For the Eligibility for Auctioneer’s License.

For Associate Auctioneer License read.

For The Application for License.

Application for Examination.

An individual who establishes that the individual is eligible for an auctioneer’s license may apply to the executive director to take the license examination. The application must be accompanied by the application fee.

License Examination.

  • (a) The license examination must be designed to establish:
    • (1) an applicant’s general knowledge of the auction business;
    • (2) the principles of conducting an auction; and
    • (3) the laws of this state relating to auctioneers.
  • (b) The license examination shall be offered at least four times each year at locations designated by the executive director.
  • (c) The executive director shall prepare:
    • (1) examinations for an auctioneer’s license; and
    • (2) study and reference materials on which the examinations are based.

The above provides the auctioneer and associate auctioneer laws on license eligibility. For people that may need an in-depth cover of the law can go on the site mentioned above to download the pdf file that covers it in general. This is more like a glimpse.

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