Android & iOS – Capitalizing And Starting A New Line/Paragraph with voice to text

So recently in one of the comments l’ve been talking with someone and they’ve been asking about dictating.

How to do certain things while you’re dictating a message and even though a lot of you guys are probably gonna know these tricks there’s still some people out there that don’t.

In fact I was actually talking with a co-worker today and I said oh do you know how to do this and she had no idea and she dictates on her iPhone all the time has been doing it for years and she didn’t know this trick so I thought it’d be a great idea for a video.

l’m gonna be showing you guys on the iPad but these tricks work for Android as well.

So the question I received was while you’re dictating a message how do you jump to the next line for example if you wanted to start a new paragraph.

well, a lot of people don’t know how to do that they think you can just write and write and write and write and write for days and that’s all you can do but no that’s not true.

So let me show you number one trick I love it if voice over is turned on two finger double tap starts dictation.

So now we are dictating a message. (Period =.) but what happens if we want to go to a new line (question mark = ?)  we just have to say the magic words (new line = new line for your text) that’s all it takes. (exclamation mark = !) and that’s how I t works.

But what happens if we want to start an entirely new paragraph? once again (comma = ,) we have to say the magic words.

( new paragraph = new paragraph for your text) now it jumps down to lines starting a new paragrap.

Now another question I got was how do you capitalize a word in the middle of your dictation.

Once again you just have to use the magic words l’ll show you today which is (cap = capitalize first word in the middle of sentence).

What happens if you want to spell out the entire word in capitalization?

(all cap = capitalization of all the letter of the word)

This works on Android as well although the capitalization is hit or miss and sometimes it’s gonna write out the word all cap and it’s not gonna capitalize it but sometimes it does I think it’s something that they’re working on though but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work the new line and new paragraph though that works great on Android.

Alright guys there you go real quick with a listed step by step guide

  1. To jump to a new line simply say New Line.
  2. To jump to new paragraph simply say New Paragraph.
  3. To capitalize a word in the middle simple say Cap
  4. To capitalize the whole word simple say All Cap


Thank you very much for reading.  Stay tuned for more tutorials coming real.

Watch below video guide to learn more on how to capitalize, start new line, new paragraph, etc with voice dictation on iPhone and android


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