Alternative to For Virtual Card Users

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Making payment online has really become so hard for Nigerians since the Federal Government banned the use of ATM cards for dollar-denominated transactions abroad.

Paying for online services has not really been easy and there are yet other means that one can use.

Even the famous workaround being has stopped working with some speculation related to the site being a scam.

Today, even paying for Facebook Ads and purchasing of goods on foreign eCommerce sites like Gearbest and Amazon has not been easy.

Interestingly there is an alternative if you are finding it difficult to make such payment.

The best way to go about this is to go get a USD card from any Bank. Then find any reliable BDC like Sulah and buy USD at N368 today’s rate. USD cards works without issues.

If you want to open domiciliary account with diamond bank, I advise that you get a savings account with them as you can operate it with zero balance.

This is just the easiest and cheapest way because if you check properly you will see that Barter VCC cost 484/$ whereas, today black market rate is less than 380/USD which means going this process is the best alternative.

I had this challenges until I got my domiciliary account with diamond bank but the truth is that the process wasn’t easy for me because then I was undergoing my one year Youth service.

So I advise you quickly get one and end the worries involved in making payment online.

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