Accidental Airtime transfer to wrong network with mobile banking app [Solution]

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Accidentally sent airtime to the wrong network other than the intended network?

This happens to many especially when you are in a rush and accidentally sent airtime to the wrong network with your mobile app. This is unlike recharging with cards where you will easily notice it’s a wrong network.

Mobile apps tends to lack in this angle as you will be debited but still not credited on the network you mistakenly chose.

The question is when you accidentally sent airtime to the wrong network where will the money go to when it’s not the right network? This baffles me and I know you are also interested to find out as I did. 

Normally, when you make a wrong transaction that the bank fails to achieve, it’s expected that in 12 to 24hrs your money will reverse back.

This doesn’t seem to be the case with sending airtime as there is no way to get the money back once you accidentally sent airtime.

However, you can try below guides to get your money back

  • Confirm the network you actually wanted to send the airtime to. If it’s not the one you chose then you will not see a credit to the number.
  • If the money fails to reverse back don’t hesitate to contact the customer care of your bank and complain to them.
  • If you don’t get the money reversed then go straight to your bank and Lodge the complaint.

As there is no feature to do this manually all you need to do is follow the above guide or just forget it if it’s not a big money. But if its really a big money in thousand then you don’t need to hesitate but just start going to the bank to lodge the compliant immediately.

You find this guide helpful? Don’t forget to drop your comment if you later resolved it and got your money reversed back to your account.

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