Reasons Why Lawyers get Disbarred

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A glimpse into the Reasons Why Lawyers get Disbarred.

Every profession has terms that it’s highly driven by and in today’s law term we focus on Disbarment. What does it mean for a lawyer to be Disbarred? Simply it is a state at which the professional license is taken away from a lawyer.

There are issues that may lead to an end of road for a professional license but the concentration on this post is on 3 most recurring cases that have been seen as the Reasons Why Lawyers get Disbarred.

According to Ty Doyle, Partner at litigation boutique, J.D. Stanford in a quick response to a question on this topic, he gave below answers that has the 3 scenarios on which may cost a lawyer his professional license. Below are the 3 reasons he gave that is the reason why lawyers get Disbarred.

NB: The answer below was edited to avoid some duplicate content issues on the web.

The possible big three why lawyers get disbarred as he says tend to be:-

  1. When the lawyer takes or use client’s money especially for unrelated purposes without permission.
  2. Lawyers can also be Disbarred when they fail to advise clients on their cases which is their job. This failure to render required advice may lead to a serious harm given to the client.
  3. The 3rd reason why lawyers get Disbarred according to Ty Doyle is repeated issues with substance abuse.

Cases of Lawyers disbarment may combine all three elements especially for the ones who may be struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues thus may fall to making bad decisions in their working life.

The first in the list mostly is the biggest issue that may tarnish the professional certificate while the 3rd is so obvious.

The second issue on the list looks very bad and many Lawyers fall prey to this. Lawyers not only miss deadline but mostly go radio silent on issues they are handling. This isn’t a good practice although it may happen to anyone to miss deadline but it not proper when it is committed frequently.

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