5 Computer Skills A University Student Should Acquire Before Leaving School

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Computer skills have become so much important that a university student should acquire at least 5 skills.

Topic: Computer Skills you need as a student.
The world is advancing technologically and for one who is a student to stay relevant to the immediate future he or she has to consider acquiring 5 computer skills.

I know of a graduate who lost her first job just because she doesn’t have the demanded skills. No wonder one says “certificate is more important when joined with skills” by then your Certificate backs you up. I am not saying that you cannot get job without it but it would be an advantage over others if you have these extra Skills.

In the world today, there is no field in which computers do not operate the process and for that fact comes Computer Skills you need as a student.

In fact if you are through with schooling and ready to seek for job, the first demand is how fluent your computer skills are. What and what can you offer to uplift the standard of the job in whatever field you are employed. This is dependent on how well you know your computer and how good you can use it to achieve the desired purpose for your employer.

NB: When learning computer, it’s important that you are guided on what programs you are expected to know that will possibly position you at the best chances of getting good jobs.

5 Computer Skills A University Student Should Acquire Before Leaving School

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1. own new laptop or desktop computer: The number one thing to do is to own a laptop. This will definitely increase your speed of learning this skills as all you need to perfect them is steady practice. It must not be a new laptop. There are fairly used laptop and desktop system out there that are very cool and worth paying some money for. Get what you can afford and start learning immediately.
2. word processing: Microsoft soft word is the first program on the list. It’s very important that you may be needing it even as you are still in the school. It can cut you the cost of paying in the cyber cafe for someone to arrange your document or even type your assignment.

Almost 75% of the jobs out there demands the use Microsoft Office application’s (MsWord) for that perfect delivery especially if you can type and format the work properly.

3. Spreadsheet: one good thing about spreadsheets is that with it you can cut down on the amount of time you will use to calculate data files. This will help you sort data, arrange data easily, and calculate numerical data.

Employers seek out for people that have this skills and having it at your undergraduate level will make you perfect it. Its expected that you will be able to do word processing and to enter data on spreadsheets.

4. Typing skills: One more of the 5 computer skills a university student should acquire before leaving school is typing skills. The ability to type fast can land you job as soon as you are through with your schooling. This will guarantee your employer of an increased output over lesser time.

5. Design and graphics: Companies and employers like to give job to people that have extra Skills like graphic design. When you include this in your CV it naturally tells the employer that you’re worth giving the job. Employers look for a way to lessen the number of people they employ in their company and by having somebody with designing skills amidst others stated above is a big boost.

The above are just 5 Computer Skills A University Student Should Acquire Before Leaving School.

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