3 Ways to safeguard your Facebook account

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3 Ways to safeguard your Facebook account.

This post can guide you into securing your account from hackers.

These 3 ways to safeguard your Facebook account is very handy if you don’t want to loose your account. Read and apply below security options to safeguard your Facebook account.

How Not To Be hacked by Hackers

This process works on both Facebook and Instagram. I have taken time to detail it for you to understand and apply it today. Now read.

1) Enable Login Notification: This is the first thing to do. When you enable your login notification it will alert you whenever somebody who is not you tries to login with your User ID and Password. Facebook will automatically send you a Notification on your cell phone about your account being logged in from another browser. All you will then do at this point is change your password immediately.

How To Enable Login Nofication

Go to Home ->>>>Account Settings ->>>> Security ->>>> Login Notification. Put a Check Mark on your preferred option and
click Save Changes button.

2) Always check your Active Sessions: Another security measure you can take is to check your active sessions always. Whenever you do this and notice any unfamiliar location or device, it means your Facebook Account is at risk.

Solution: Click on End Activity and then change your password immediately.

How To Check Active Sessions

Go to Home ->>>> Account Settings ->>>> Security ->>>> Active Sessions.

3) Enable Secure Browsing:

To make your account more secure you need this final step which is very simple but important.

How to enable secure browsing:

Go to Home->>>>>Account Settings ->>>> Security ->>>> Secure Browsing.

An extra measure is to turn on two factor authentication

NB: Facebook team also advised that if you use Facebook on a computer other than your own then remember to log out before leaving. This pertains to people that browse in the cyber cafe.

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